Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The female resident of Poland was hit by the train during the examination in driving

The terrible tragedy has taken place in Poland. During the examination in traffic regulations the car of the 18-year-old girl has got stuck on the ways that has led to collision with electric train. The car has got stuck on the lifted barriers. At this moment the structure has begun to approach the car. The young autolady till the last moment tried to get moving forward the car, but couldn't make it. The electric train at a speed has dragged the car on rails several tens of meters. As reports Daily Star, several people became witnesses of an incident. They have noted that before incident the instructor has run out from salon while the teenager I remained in fastened. According to them, he even hasn't ordered her to run out from the car. – The girl has fallen out on the way, the strong blow was come to mind. She all was in blood. I have asked for the instructor to get to me the first-aid kit, but he couldn't find it. While we tried to save the girl, he stood apart, and then has just run away, – the witness has told. After accident the driver still breathed therefore she was hospitalized at once. Doctors have found heavy herbs in the teenager, but it wasn't succeeded to save her, in hospital the girl has died. It is noted that in the nearest future the investigation will find out why the instructor hasn't informed the girl on actions in similar states of emergency and I didn't try to help her. Photo: Daily Star to Share: road accident accident teenager Poland tragedy lessons of driving of a photo