Date: 5 months ago   Category: Society

The fisherman from Cuba has got to himself turtles - Siamese twins

The fisherman from Cuba has accidentally come across extremely rare phenomenon in the nature. He has found a two-headed six-armed turtle. Has reported the edition of Granma about an unusual find of Osvaldo Lopez Romero. According to the Cuban, after detection of cubs in a laying he has understood that independently "Siamese turtles" won't be able to survive, it is extremely heavy to them to move and eat. However the family of the fisher hasn't transferred animals to experts. There were also many persons interested to become the owner of unusual reptiles. Osvaldo was already repeatedly offered by money in exchange for turtles. – They such small and helpless, we care for them. Perhaps when they will grow up and will get stronger, we will transfer them to institution which is engaged in care of such animals. They for us are invaluable, – Life cites Osvaldo's words. Photo: The Granma to Share: twins Cuba Siamese photos of a turtle