Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The four-year-old American brought to parents from kindergarten drugs

In Bronx the little girl brought crystal cocaine of which at once bragged mothers from kindergarten. As reports to WPIX, in small containers other child gave to four-year-old Sereniti Streker drugs. The baby called them "zubika" as because of the form they very much reminded human teeth. The girl told the shocked mother that they should be thrust into a mouth. Sabrina, the child's mother, at once carried boxes in police. After their analysis it became clear that it is crystal cocaine. Sereniti was brought to hospital, but it turned out that drug did not get it to blood therefore nothing threatens her life. Furious mother began to demand closing of preschool institution, explaining it with the fact that the personnel negligently treat the work. The director of a garden Ivette Joseph assumed that unknown could throw drugs, having transferred them through a fencing. She assures that more threat for children does not exist as the territory of an institution was checked. At the moment the New York City Police Department investigates an incident, qualifying it as subjection of danger of life and health of children. Photo: Google.Images to Share: kindergarten cocaine drugs of the USA of a photo