Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The French boxer has saved an airliner with passengers from capture

The French boxer has saved 200 passengers of the Munich-Paris airliner from capture. As eyewitnesses tell, the passenger of the plane has suddenly gone to a cabin of pilots with intention to develop the board following from Munich to Paris. However the 46-year-old boxer has prevented the brawler. He has tumbled down the aggressor and by means of two other passengers has connected him. After landing at the Parisian airport of Charles de Gaulle the crew has invited the athlete in a cabin, and 200 passengers of the saved liner have stood to clap him standing. The brawler was transferred to law enforcement agencies, tells "Лена.ру". The French journalist Arnaud Romero following the same flight on the page on Facebook specifies that Tarik is the native of Morocco. In the professional career the boxer has had 23 fights in which I have won 12 victories, two – a knockout. Photo: Google Share: boxer brawler capture passenger plane crew