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The frightened videos with an otrubaniye of fingers residents of Novokuznetsk have got to colony

Two residents of Novokuznetsk have decided to earn additionally drug traffickers and when have wanted "to leave", "have motivated" them the video with an otrubaniye of fingers. In Novokuznetsk have condemned two men of 30 and 32 years who were convicted of distribution of narcotic substances. So, the guy by the name of Andrey in April of the current year has come across in Network the announcement of a highly paid side job. The man has agreed, and to him have charged to extend parcels with doubtful contents. Later the citizen has suggested to join to the friend Sergey. That has admired high earnings and too has agreed. After a while fathers of minors have decided that they work too dangerous, and have wanted to get stuck that very much wasn't pleasant to the employer. – Andrey (...) I have told the employer during business correspondence that wants to leave. In reply to him have sent video where "employees of human resources department" chop off fingers same as he, to the ungrateful employee of very successful company. Having understood a hint, the man has decided that it is better to be with fingers on hands and with money in a pocket, than to remain already, and without and another, – tells "City-N". However soon law enforcement officers have detained distributors on the road to Kiselyovsk and during a search have found in them 60 portions of "salt". Following the results of court session of businessmen have found guilty, have sentenced Andrey to six years, and Sergey – by five and a half years of imprisonment. At the same time their employer the photo didn't manage to be calculated.: VSE42.Ru to Share: drugs Novokuznetsk sentence salt