Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The FSO has suggested to leave wives of military without apartment at a divorce

The Federal Guard Service has suggested to make housing acquired within a military mortgage, inaliennable at a divorce of spouses. Department has brought such initiative in time of a September meeting of Council under the President of the Russian Federation. As Kommersant reports, the partition of the real estate at a divorce reduces the volume of state guarantees for military. At the moment employees can obtain the single gratuitous credit for purchase of housing. The service suggests to change the legal status of such real estate and to prove the personal nature of property on the credit. It is noted that experts of council have criticized the offer of the FSO. They have emphasized that the credit for military housing is considered labor income therefore according to the Family code, he can be regarded as the general property of spouses in marriage. Photo: Google.Images to Share: military housing divorce of the FSO