Date: 5 months ago   Category: Incidents

The funeral agent struck and kill the pedestrian in Novokuznetsk

The day before in Novokuznetsk a deadly incident occurred – the employee of the funeral agency on the foreign car brought down two people at the crosswalk. As a result of traumatized the local died. On January 12 in the evening in the Factory district of the city there was a road accident. According to eyewitnesses, Toyota hit the man and the woman at the unregulated crosswalk near the REGISTRY OFFICE. As a result, the resident of Novokuznetsk was hospitalized, and the second victim died on the spot. Witnesses also reported that driving the foreign car there was a funeral agent who hurried to clients. Now law enforcement officers establish all circumstances of a road incident. Photo: соцсетиВидео: Road accident of Novokuznetsk to Share: 18 videos of road accident the woman the foreign car the man Novokuznetsk the pedestrian died a photo