Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The furious combative dog has blocked an entrance to the hostel in Kemerovo

In the morning on September 5 a part of residents of the Kemerovo hostel has appeared in danger of death. On an entrance to the building they were waited by an uncontrollable combative dog. To the place of an incident residents have called police officers. Besides, eyewitnesses have warned owners of other dogs who have come for morning walk about a dangerous American Staffordshire terrier. As self-defense by him have suggested to take off muzzles from pets if something happens to protect the life. – Dog young, – one of inhabitants has reported, – but I have torn a pudelk on the first floor (the bus style is kept – an editor's note). Earlier residents of the house already saw the owner walking the American Staffordshire terrier. However this time it hasn't appeared near the pet. The future of a dog is still unknown, tells Photo: Google.Images to Share: angry Kemerovo hostel danger terrier