Date: 7 months ago   Category: Incidents

The gale-force wind in Barnaul has damaged cars of citizens

The squally wind which has passed across Barnaul has caused extensive damage of a private property. At least four cars have sustained various damage. According to the amic edition, from bad weather the tree has failed on August 22. It has fallen to three cars parked at the building. Also wind has broken fastenings of ventilating system at shopping center. Fragments have fallen upon the car. It is reported that two persons were in the car at this moment. None of them have suffered. In addition, because of a hurricane activists had to interrupt ahead of schedule an action with a 25-meter flag of Russia. The procession in honor of Day of a flag of Russia has terminated much earlier, than the planned route has been overcome. Tram lines were also damaged. On one of intersections there was a break of trolls. Read also: The strong hurricane has put big damages to Barnaul. Photo: social networks to Share: Barnaul damage wind hurricane