Date: 9 months ago   Category: Sport

The German football coach has created "a failure wheel" for punishment of athletes

The head coach of the German football club "RB Leipzig" Ralf Rangnik has told that he has created the new system of punishments for the athletes. The man called it "A failure wheel". It decides what punishment will be received by the athlete. Rangnik has taken such measures to reduce the number of such violations as delay by a training, use of smartphones or a set of extra kilos. He has noted that fines have ceased to help therefore it was necessary to think up an alternative. He was occurred by an "a failure wheel" which replaces payments with public works. That the athlete will do – solves a drum. In total on the device of 12 sectors. Punishments can last from a couple of hours to several weeks. One of sectors "happy" – if he drops out, then the football player is exempted from a rank of "violator". On a wheel it is possible to meet such educational measures as a lawn hairstyle, a training in a tutu, shoe-polish of all team and many other things, reports to TJ. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Germany reel photo wheel soccer