Date: 2 months ago   Category: Economy

The goods which rose in price and fallen in price for January in Kuzbass are called

The statistical body provided data on inflation in the Kemerovo region for the last month. It became known what goods rose in price and fell in price most of all. Kemerovostat published data according to which inflation in January, 2019 was in area at the level of 1.3%. Most of all food – for 1.6% increased in price. From them vegetables rose in price for 13% (cabbage – for 31%, tomatoes – more than for 25%, onions – more than for 10%). The frozen not cut shrimps became 6.5% more expensive, cocoa – for 6%, flour – for 5%. Canned meat for baby food and oranges, 2% – sunflower oil lost in price of 3%. Nonfoods rose in price for 1.2%. Most of all validol – more than grew by 19% in cost. Women's bags with top from genuine leather – for 10.7%, newspapers at retail – for 8%, toilet paper – for 7%, roller skates – for 6%, perfume and children's mattresses – for 5%. Fell in price for 2-3% bicycles and also – for 2% men's winter shoes with top from genuine leather. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: inflation Kemerovostat statistics of the price