Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

The Guardian has made the list of the silliest complaints of tourists

The British newspaper The Guardian has analysed responses of tourists from the website TripAdvisor and also survey which was conducted by the British tourist association. On the basis of it edition could list all strangest complaints of vacationers during the holiday. For example, one of travelers called the highest point of Great Britain, the mountain Ben Nevis, "too high". The man hadn't liked the fact that he had to climb up and go down from her too long. Other tourist of 30 years waited for chance to visit Louvre, however has left a comment with one star in which he has written that "it wasn't interesting there at all". Travelers also were dissatisfied with the American Grand Canyon which one of respondents has described as "anything special". And the visitor of Sydney Opera House called it "a silly damned egg shell". Most of all negative have collected around themselves world beaches. The tourist from Cornwall has criticized a coastal strip because of a stone about which she has wounded a leg. One man has said that "sand wasn't similar on the fact that it is represented in the advertizing brochure". Another was dissatisfied that "sand was too sandy". One of visitors has noted that the holiday to Goa has been hopelessly spoiled because her husband "looked all the time at other women who sunbathed topless" therefore, according to her, desire of vacationers to undress publicly needs to be forbidden. Among ridiculous questions also were such as "in what time waves begin", "when dolphins" and many others will appear. Photo: Google.Images to Share: the guardian of the complaint holiday list tourists