Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The helicopter of the owner of football club "Leicester City" has crashed in Britain

Near home stadium of FC ​ Leicester City "King Pauer" has fallen the helicopter. As reported by eye-witnesses, the aircraft has crashed several seconds later after take-off. The fallen helicopter belonged to the owner of club, to the Thai billionaire I vishat Shrivaddanaprabkhi. It is noted that as a result of an incident three persons have died: Vishay, the passenger whose name isn't told, and the pilot. Witnesses have told that to the aid of victims the goalkeeper of Leicester City Casper Schmeichel has run out. He was stopped by security guards and employees of the sports arena. As reports to RBC, the helicopter has lit up almost right after take-off then has failed on the parking. On official given, at the aircraft the tail screw has failed.

Information on the event were already confirmed by representatives of local police. Hang up Shrivaddanaprabkh at the same time is the president and the owner of the British club. ​ Forbes estimates his condition of 4,9 billion dollars. Photo: Google.Images to Share: helicopter of video of Leicester City fire