Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The horse has accused the owner of cruelty in court of the USA

The claim on behalf of a horse who calls to account for ill treatment of the former owner has come to district court of the American State of Oregon. The process first in the history where acts as a plaintiff an animal as it writes Washington Post, will become a sample and start for many other trials of the people offending brothers smaller. The horse Justin accuses the owner of him abuse. The owner badly fed a horse and kept in cold. Eight-year-old Justin weighed nearly 140 kilograms less norm, suffered from body ulcers and gangrene of genitals from a frostbite. The horse was saved by society on protection of animals of Animal Legal Defence Fund. Activists of the organization try to achieve nearly 40 years toughening of the legislation concerning the people who are cruelly treating animals. The amount of compensation which Justin can receive is 100 thousand dollars. Here costs of rehabilitation of a horse and also compensation of moral and physical damage enter. The lawyers advocating Justin's interests are ready for a victory. They believe that they will manage to carry the case, the State of Oregon approaches for this purpose better than others – here the toughest laws on protection of birds and animals from ill treatment. Photo: Google.Images to Share: claim horse society of protection of animals Oregon court of the USA