Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The huge gold nugget was found in Australia

The biggest gold nugget was in the history found by the gold prospector from Australia. Australian Henry Dole has found a huge gold nugget in the Beta Hunt mine in Western Australia. The treasure weighs nearly 90 kilograms, Daily Mail reports. It was necessary to bring him from depth about 500 meters to the surface to three men. It is slightly more than 60 kilograms of gold in a nugget. The approximate cost of production – 2 million pounds sterling (2,6 million dollars). Having continued to drill, Dole has come across the younger brother of the giant the weight of "only" 60 kilograms. He was already estimated almost at 2 million dollars. And in a makeweight the miner has got a scattering from ten gold-bearing stones for 10 million dollars. Dole who has worked in the mine more than 16 years, has told that he didn't see anything similar for all the life. For transportation of nuggets in storage the armed security forces will be deployed, in the mine protection is also strengthened, Daily Mail reports. Photo: Daily Mail to Share: Australia driller giant gold scattering nugget mine shashter