Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The hurricane "Florence" has claimed the lives of four people in Northern Carolina

The hurricane "Florence" has fallen upon the USA and has claimed the lives of four residents of Northern Carolina. On Friday, September 14, the hurricane "Florence" has fallen upon the coast of the American state Northern Carolina. The New York Times reports about four disaster victims. One person has died in the District of Lenuar when he tried to start the generator. In the District of Pender the woman has died from heart attack. Physicians weren't in time to her on a call because of the trees which are tumbled down on the road. In the city of Wilmington mother and the child have died because of the tree which is tumbled down by wind on their house. Also the man who was in the house has suffered, he is hospitalized. According to all available data from authorities of the state in spite of the fact that the hurricane has weakened till the storm, he already left more than 600 thousand consumers without electricity. On East coast of the USA more than 1 thousand flights are cancelled, TASS reports. It is expected that Florence will cause landslides and floods. Photo Google Share: wind tree of the victim Carolina of the USA Florence's hurricane storm electricity