Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

The Indonesian teenager of 49 days drifted in the high sea and has survived

Has carried away the floating hut of the Indonesian teenager a storm to the high sea. the 19-year-old guy swam in the high sea of 49 days. As the edition The Guardian, Aldi reports Novel Adilan worked in the floating fishing hut which has been located at distance of 125 kilometers from the coast. The guy had to watch that in a lodge light which attracts fish constantly burned. During a whole gale has carried away the hut to the ocean. Provisions stocks were enough for the young man everything for several days. After food has ended, he had to catch fish. And to be warmed, he has begun to burn down pieces of the hut. Aldi also began to filter sea water through clothes that she became less salty. By the young man have floated ten ships before the vessel under the flag of Panama has picked up him in waters of Guam. Later the guy admitted that he didn't believe in rescue any more. Periodically, according to him, he thought of suicide, but thoughts of parents have stopped him. In September the young man has come back home. It is noted that he was healthy and felt well. Photo: Google.Images to Share: sea teenager of a photo hut