Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

The inhabitant Lipetsk has committed robbery after the brother's commemoration

The resident of the Lipetsk region who after the commemoration of the brother has committed assault has appeared before the court. As reports GOROD48, according to the investigators, having remembered the brother, the man has come to others house to take moonshine. When the owner of the room has opened a door, the malefactor has knocked him on the head and has forced to return to the house. There he has demanded to give him 42 thousand rubles. The attacker has told other version of events. He has said that he anybody didn't attack, and all confession from him has beaten out tortures, forcing to stretch out. Also the man assured that he didn't write surrender, explaining it with the fact that he illiterate, and letters to him were shown by investigators.

But all words of the malefactor have been disproved by witnesses who have told that the defendant, having drunk vodka half of liter, has wanted still, but he on it had no money. After a while the man has suggested to descend behind moonshine then has returned with a parcel of money.

Court has found the man guilty of assault. He was sentenced to 7,5 years of imprisonment in maximum security penal colony. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: theft Lipetsk attack moonshine