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The inhabitant of Kuzbass has complained of the emergency house and indifference of the authorities

The resident of Kemerovo was indignant with awful conditions in which there live her children, and indifference of the authorities to problems of citizens. The inhabitant of the house No. 15 on Karyernaya Street in the Miner district of the city of Kemerovo has addressed to the editorial office VSE42.Ru. She has complained of bad condition of the house in which she is forced to live with the children. According to the townswoman, the building is about 100 years old, in 2006 its wear was 65% then he was recognized as emergency. However residents not only aren't moved, but also ignore in all instances, she has reported. – In the fall and in the spring always heats, around the house the eternal swamp! In apartments the constant dampness, because of it at us is blown up furniture and all things constantly damp. Wall-paper falls off, we do repair time in half a year. Floors are cold, even the fact that everywhere everything is warmed doesn't help and carpets lie, – the inhabitant of the emergency house has told, having specified that in it there is even no base. For this reason new furniture quickly enough becomes useless, and because of constant cold indoors "the oven should be heated even in the summer". Besides, the woman is afraid for health of the juvenile children. She has reported that in the winter in pipes water freezes, there is no electricity grounding why residents often beats with current. On this background the lack of the playground, lamps and fences seem to her "lesser evil". – Already handled this problem, but decisions so any haven't received, just ignore us. I ask you, help us to solve this problem as administrations to a campaign on us just to spit, – the desperate woman has written. She has also specified that in all departments where residents of the emergency house addressed, "refer at each other and speak to wait". Photo: Social networks to Share: emergency house house complaint of Kemerovo National news of a photo