Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

The inhabitant of Kuzbass has received a penalty for an arson of cafe

Inhabitant Osinnikov has set fire to a door of cafe and has offended the employee of private security. For it the court has ordered to pay her a fine of 12 thousand rubles. In April of the current year the 37-year-old inhabitant Osinnikov has gone to one of cafe of the city in the morning. There, in the presence of personnel of an institution, she has offended the employee of private security. Then she has mixed beer with gasoline, has poured over an entrance door of cafe and has set fire to her. The law enforcement authorities who have arrived on a signal have detained a deboshirka. – Later during trial she has explained to the investigator that she has set fire to a door as here her brother has died and she wanted that this institution didn't work, – the press service of SU of the IC RF across the Kemerovo region tells. The woman cooperated with the investigation. The court has imposed her sentence in the form of a penalty of 12 thousand rubles for insult of the authority in connection with execution of the functions by him. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Kuzbass cafe Aspen forests insult protection arson penalty