Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The inhabitant of Yamal has raped the two-year-old child of the girlfriend

Investigators have brought to trial business of the resident of Nadym who has raped the two-year-old girl while her mother was in shop. SU of SK of Russia across YaNAO reports about it. An incident has occurred on June 14. The woman was in the company of friends together with the daughter. When mother has gathered home, friends have suggested to see off her. On the road young people have decided to come into shop. the 19-year-old acquaintance of the woman has volunteered to keep watch over a carriage while she shops. The young man has rolled away a carriage to the neighboring yard and there has outraged upon the child. The local resident has quickly found loss of the daughter. She has contacted police. Law enforcement authorities have found the pedophile behind commission of crime. Investigators have brought together sufficient evidential base and have brought business for further consideration to trial. Photo: Google.Images to Share: girl carriage of Nadym violence of YaNAO