Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The Italian has tried to escape from the mother-in-law, having simulated amnesia

The 52-year-old Italian has simulated amnesia to appear as it is possible further from mother of the spouse. Police officers have come across the man who has got lost in the Scottish Edinburgh who behaved very strange and showed signs of loss of memory. It has turned out that he has enigmatically disappeared from the native Pisa where he had family, about one and a half months ago, The Sun reports. Initially law enforcement authorities have assumed that the Italian has an amnesia, however the question of what he did in Scotland, remained open. Suspicions have begun to develop in a uniform picture when law enforcement officers have checked the last before his loss Internet inquiries. – How to disappear? How to simulate memory loss? – it interested the man before a trip. During interrogation the exemplary family man who before departure left to the relatives a suitcase with the large sum of money, admitted that he just wanted to leave. – I have made it to clean up far away from the quarrelsome mother-in-law. I wanted to remain in the opinion of the family the good husband, the father when has begun to understand that it takes away it from me, – quotes the edition of a word of the man. Photo: The Sun to Share: amnesia Italy memory loss mother-in-law Scotland