Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The Italian's adventures in Russia: details of beating of Strakhov became known

The actor Daniil Strakhov was beaten by the son of the former military embassy secretary of Italy in Russia. About it the MK newspaper has written. As the edition managed to find out, the opponent Strakhov is called Alexander, he works as the sales manager in the private Italian medical center located in Elektrichesky Lane of Moscow in the neighboring building with the house where the actor with the spouse lives. Strakhov is a senior on the house and, according to residents, jealously treats the duties. In particular, he conducts active fight against smokers who smoke at entrances. For the same reason he had had a conflict with the Italian. Around 19:00 on October 31 the actor has stopped by in the yard on own Volvo and with packages has gone to a main entrance of the house. On the road he has noticed about an exit from the Italian private medical clinic of the smoking Alexander and has made him a remark. The manager has refused to extinguish a stub. Between men the verbal sparring as a result of which Strakhov has poured over the Italian water probably to extinguish a cigarette was started. Then men were linked, but a serious fight between them hasn't taken place as they were separated by passersby. After everything the actor has risen to the apartment, and Alexander has gone to the medical center to dry clothes, and then has left home, without having attached to the conflict particular importance. Strakhov has called to himself the ambulance which has taken away him in Botkin hospital where doctors have examined him and have sent home to the same evening. It is noted that the signal of a fight has come to police from hospital. Strakhov didn't write the application in law enforcement agencies. Now police officers carry out an inspection upon the conflict between the actor and the manager. Photo: Google Images Share: Daniil Strakhov fight Italian smoking manager Moscow