Date: 7 months ago   Category: Science

The Japanese actress Ayame Goriki can go to the Moon

The Japanese billionaire to Yusak Maedzava has said that he can take with himself in flight to the Moon the girl – the 26-year-old actress and the Ayame Goriki model, RIA Novosti tells. Maedzava will become the first passenger of a heavy missile of SpaceX BFR which will go into lunar orbit in 2023. He has got the place for himself and six-eight more people. – Meanwhile no candidates, except me, are defined yet. She knows (Goriki), of course, about this project, and it is very interesting to her. She even says that she wants to depart too, – Maedzava has shared. According to the billionaire, flight to the Moon – the serious expedition, and at each passenger will be the role therefore Goriki will be able to depart if for her "there is any role or a mission". Photo: Google.Images to Share: SpaceX to Ayame Goriki Yusak Maedzava