Date: 9 months ago   Category: Science

The Kemerovo businessmen are threatened by bankruptcy because of the trademark

Registration of the trademark in Rospatent – a necessary condition for business. At the same time many businessmen often don't submit the application, referring to employment or other things. However such negligence can result in a large number of penalties and even loss of business. The trademark is means which helps to allocate goods and services from a large number of similar production and to create a positive image of the company to which each businessman aspires. At the same time many businessmen put registration of the main symbol of the business "away for later", and after forget at all about need to be in patent department. However after a while businessmen clutch at the head – for lack of registration the firm is threatened by large penalties and also loss of own brand. Besides, many businessmen consider that they can think up any word for registration of the trademark, however it not so. The sign invented from the head is not patentable and further brings to the owner only a set of difficulties. If you still haven't registered the trademark, do it rather. "The patent of Bureau" in Kemerovo can consult you on all questions and help with execution of the sign. Patent of Bureau phone: 8-958-514-00-00 Address: Kemerovo, Kuzbasskaya Street, 33A. To share: Kemerovo as advertizing