Date: 4 weeks ago   Category: Science

The Kemerovo child prodigies will show the inventions in Beijing

Pupils of the Kemerovo educational institutions will participate in a competition of engineering projects in China. In Beijing shortly пройдеò 14-é Международныé конкурñ исследовательских projects of school students of Future Engineer Project in which also the Kemerovo children will participate. So, eighth-graders Mikhail Luzin and Egor Peters present the "Temperature Sensor for Medical Plaits" project which is intended for application at arterial bleedings together with plaits. – The sensor reacts to ambient temperature and after imposing of a plait conducts a countdown of time after which the warning sound and light signals that the imposed plait becomes unsafe are started, – authors told. Besides, the fifth-grader Egor Lavrentyev will present in Beijing "The converter of oral speech to an alphabet equivalent on a color palette for deaf and hearing-impaired children", reported in municipal administration. Photo: The administration of Kemerovo to Share: Future Engineer Project of an invention of an innovation of Kemerovo photo competition Beijing school students