Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The Kemerovo children shocked citizens with dangerous games on a roof

Inhabitants of the regional center are revolted that children have free access to roofs of skyscrapers. Residents of Kemerovo on Sunday, October 28, became witnesses of a scandalous, according to them, picture: children played in the rooftop, risking the lives. – 40 years of October, 20, children on a roof, it ****** are (very bad), companions, – the inhabitant of the regional center Natalya is distressed in social networks. Commentators were divided in opinions. One complained of housing and communal services who hold doors on attics opened, others have specified that in their childhood games on roofs were in the nature of things. Photo: 6 handshakes of Kemerovo to Share: children of the game Kemerovo danger of a photo