Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

The Kemerovo children will save the wood from fire

Young residents of the Kuzbass capital within the action hold a complex of events in adjacent forests to reduce the risk of the fires during the forthcoming season. In Kemerovo the action "The Clean Wood — the Territory without Fire" within which citizens, including school students, bring order to the wood takes place to reduce danger of emergence of the fires and to reduce a loss to an ecological situation during the forthcoming season of 2019. – In territories of settlements and on the massifs adjoining to them cleaning of garbage, dry vegetation is carried out, the fire-prevention gaps and the mineralized strips surrounding city and suburban forests and interfering fire advance are updated, the serviceability of sources of external fire-water supply is checked, – have told in municipal administration. Special attention is paid to observance of rules of burning out of a dry grass in house adjoining territories and personal plots. In plans – a training on evacuation of the population from the zones captured by the natural fires, check of readiness of temporary accommodation centers. Management for civil defense and emergency of Kemerovo asks citizens to support holding actions within the stock "The Clean Wood — the Territory without Fire" in the city. Photo: The administration of Kemerovo to Share: action children of Kemerovo photo wood