Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The Kemerovo court has postponed consideration of extension of arrest of the defendant in the matter of "Winter cherry"

Consideration of sanctions about arrest extension to the former CEO of "The system integrator" Igor Polozinenko was postponed to two hours because the defendant needs to study case papers. The defendant in the matter of "Winter cherry" the director of "The system integrator" Polozinenko has said during court session where the issue of extension of term of his detention was resolved that he hasn't managed to study case papers. – I was notified on court session yesterday at 22:00, – I have told in Polozinenko's court. The lawyer has to destination supported Polozinenko's petition. In this regard they have asked to postpone a meeting to Monday, September 24. At the same time representatives of SK and prosecutor's office have acted against. They have noted that for acquaintance "some time" suffices. As a result the court has refused the petition to Polozinenko and his lawyer, and has postponed a meeting at 17:40. Thereby for acquaintance with case papers which occupy two volumes the lawyer and the defendant have two hours. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: lawyer Winter Kemerovo cherry полозиненко court