Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The Kemerovo "Red Cross" has caused suspicions after the report on the help to victims in "Winter cherry"

To the Kuzbass capital there will arrive the audit commission which will check activity of local office of "the Red Cross". The central office has decided to find out where the money intended for the help to victims in "Winter cherry" has been spent. The Kemerovo office of "the Red Cross" has reported that more than 114 million rubles are directed to the address help to victims during the fire in Zimnyaya vishnya shopping Center and to members of families of the dead. From them nearly 55 million rubles remained on the account of the organization. After that the central Russian office of the organization has decided to check financial activity of the Kuzbass office. – The Russian "Red Cross" has the Central audit commission. On Monday at a meeting of presidium of RKK have decided to send the commission to the Kemerovo office for check of administrative activities for implementation of the program of assistance to victims, – the chairman of the Russian "Red Cross" Raisa Lukuttsova has told. According to the organization, the spent means have left on sanatorium treatment, the help in recovery of health and lump sums without explanation. Unspent money will go for recovery of health of 40 people who haven't undergone sanatorium treatment yet. Earlier there was information that the chairman of the Russian office hasn't reported to the international "Red Cross". At the same time in the report of the Kemerovo office it was said that into the account has arrived 169 million 139 thousand rubles. From them it has been spent 97 million 840 thousand rubles. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: money Zimnyaya vishnya of Kemerovo Red cross help check audit