Date: 5 months ago   Category: Society

The Kemerovo romantic subdued users of Network

The day before in Kemerovo residents of house No. 27a on Molodezhny Avenue became witnesses of an unusual show – the domestic car which is filled up with petals of roses. It became clear that this gesture was made by the young man for the girl. In Network the romantic message caused heated discussion. The unknown romantic decorated VAZ-2109 with petals of roses and balls with the words "Forgive!" and "I Love You!". At first users of Network assumed that thus the woman apologizes to the elect, however later the situation cleared up. In comments under the photo the hostess of the car wrote and reported that this message was left by her young man. Girls in comments envied the resident of Kemerovo that her loved such romantic. Other users of Network stated a lot of the assumptions who to whom apologizes. For example, it "the basin apologizes to the driver of this strange unit", "thought that the car was broken and apologize", "the engine in a frost froze on, and now apologizes". Photo: Share social network: car apology of Kemerovo roses of the romantic of a photo balls