Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The Kemerovo weather forecasters have promised comfortable days off and a cold snap

The forthcoming days off in Kuzbass promise to be warm, however since Monday the cold snap is expected. The Kemerovo hydrometeorological center has published the preliminary forecast for these days. In general as in autumn comfortable temperature is expected, and since Monday can sharply become cold. On Friday, October 5, temperature will increase up to 11, 16 °C, will be solar in the afternoon, mainly without any precipitations and with the southern moderate wind. Will become cold to at night – 2, 3 °C, places up to 8 °C. On Saturday, October 6, thanks to the warm sector the cyclone day of rainfall mainly won't be, at the same time temperature will become even more comfortable: 15, 20 °C, will remain within 2, 7 °C at night, in mountainous areas the cold snap to – 3 °C is possible. On Sunday, October 7, in Kuzbass the Scandinavian cyclone and subtropical air mass because of what in the afternoon temperature will increase up to 17, 22 °C will face, will fall up to 4, 9 °C at night. In certain areas rains will expect to fall, thunderstorms are possible. The southern wind will be gusty. At the beginning of the next week passing of the cold atmospheric front is expected, temperature will decrease to 13, 18 °C, at night to – 1, 4 °C. Southwest wind will amplify up to 17-22 m/s, in certain areas rains, thunderstorms are possible. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: hydrometeorological center of Kemerovo Kemerovo region weather