Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The kid from Kuzbass has got severe injuries while mother watched TV

The female resident of Yashkinsky district too was fond of the TV and hasn't noticed how her juvenile son has got severe injuries of the head. As the investigation has found, the 20-year-old local resident with enthusiasm watched TV. Her son sitting on a lap at mother was capricious. At some point he has fallen from knees and has hit the head against the battery. Mother has taken him back on hands and has calmed, however the son continued to turn. He has fallen once again, but in other party and has hit the head against a bedside table. Later to them relatives who have noticed the big cone on the head of the boy have on a visit come. The arrived doctors diagnosed fractures of bones of a skull. Physicians have reported about an incident to law enforcement authorities. – It is remarkable that initially the defendant claimed that she allegedly was in kitchen and didn't see how the son fell, at the same time I have heard his crying and at once I have come, having seen the boy lying on a floor. However results of forensic medical examination have disproved the version of the defendant, having excluded receiving the head by the victim of injuries when falling from height of own growth, – the press service of regional SU of the IC RF reports. Concerning inattentive mother criminal case which together with the indictment is directed to court is brought. Photo: Google.Images to Share: child trauma TV Yashkinsky district