Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

The Kiev waiter has started cake in a face to the nervous guest

In Network have posted video on which it is shown how two girls sit at one of restaurants of Kiev and reprimand waiters. The young man who hasn't sustained abuse "decorates" the face of one of visitors with cake. When one of waiters dips the face of the guest into cake, the second which is near him throws one more dessert into the girlfriend of the visitor. Girls begin to shout and demand indignantly the administrator. Eyewitnesses of the event have told that women behaved provocatively, "took out all a brain and in every possible way drew attention to the persons of high society", RIA Novosti writes. The video has quickly scattered on Network. In spite of the fact that on a roller it isn't clear, than the conflict has ended, users have supported service personnel. Not indifferent commentators have urged the management of an institution not to dismiss young people. Photo: Google.Images to Share: video Kiev shouts waiter of the visitor restaurant cake