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The kiselevchanka undressed after unsuccessful sex killed the joker

In Kiselyovsk will judge the local resident who is accused of murder. The woman came to a wine party in a naked view after unsuccessful sexual adventures with the acquaintance and did not sustain mockeries from the man. Single mother raising juvenile children became the person involved in criminal case after the sexual adventures. According to investigators, the kiselevchanka in August of the current year came on a visit to the girlfriend to drink alcohol. When alcohol reached a limit, the 38-year-old townswoman agreed to go to shop, and on the way met the acquaintance. That suggested it to pass to it home to have sex, and that agreed. However the decision was fatal. – The mistress fell asleep right after undressed, and regained consciousness from blows to the head which to her were put by the spouse of the acquaintance who invited her to himself. The furious hostess of the apartment pushed out the competitor for naked doors, and in such look it had to come back to the girlfriend, – City-N quotes law enforcement authorities. The girlfriend managed to take to herself the man by then. Having seen the naked woman, he began to play a trick on her and to offend in every possible way. The humiliated townswoman at some point lost patience, grabbed a knife and hit the joker twice. From the got wounds the victim died on the spot. Threatens the defendant up to 15 years of imprisonment. For the period of investigation in connection with the softening circumstances, such as presence of juvenile dependents and positive characteristic, left her on freedom under recognizance not to leave. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: woman treason Kiselyovsk sex murder