Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The Kuzbass pensioner because of mushrooms has carried out in a more than a day taiga without food and water

Inhabitant Belova so was fond of collecting mushrooms that she has got lost in the wood and has been forced to wait for the help of rescuers. Belovchanka who has alone gone for mushrooms to the wood about the settlement of Oselki of the Prokopyevsk district hasn't returned in due time, than has frightened the daughter. Mobile communication in a taiga didn't catch therefore the relative has addressed law enforcement authorities. Police officers together with representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and local administration have begun large-scale search, including sirens on patrol cars and the light-sound alarm system at the same time to draw attention of the gone 57-year belovchanka. After a while the woman has been found. In a taiga she as a result has carried out more than a day without water, food and warm clothes. Belovchanka has told that she strongly was fond of collecting forest gifts and has left far from the road. The inhabitant of Kuzbass has promised to be more careful from now on, always to take with herself in the wood a provisions stock, warm clothes and matches. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Belovo woman wood Prokopyevsk district Taiga