Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The Kuzbass pensioners have returned to the girl the lost purse and have been called in police

The young inhabitant of Berezovsky left a purse with money and cards on a shop, and loss was noticed by the local pensioner. The conscious man has returned a find to the hostess, and that has reported about the fellow countryman in police. In Berezovsky the local resident because of carelessness left a purse with cash and cash cards on a street shop. Fortunately, the pensioner during morning walk has noticed a purse and has told the sister pensioner. Together they have decided to return property to the hostess, having found her documents with a contact information. The young owner of a purse has decided to thank saviors and has reported about them in police. The day before Kutepov Vladimir Nikolaevich and Mironenko Galina Nikolaevna have been invited in department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation till to Berezovsky. The head of department has handed them letters of thanks for honesty, decency and an active civic stand. Photo: To Share the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kemerovo region: Beryozovsky purse find police loss of a photo