Date: 5 months ago   Category: Society

The Kuzbass power engineering specialists have joined a popular chellendzh on the Skibidi song

Employees of the Siberian generation company of the city of Kemerovo on a wave of a popular chellendzh have decided to write down the version on the Skibidi song of the Little Big group. Video on the parody begins seriously – the staff of the company on places works, without cease. However over time more and more people begin to repeat the plain movements of the dance Skibidi. And here directors, cooks and other personnel have already joined power engineering specialists. Earlier the staff of the SGK company on the eve of a heating season has made own version of a popular track of the rapper of Cygo "Panda E". The performer has appreciated creativity of power engineering specialists and has even placed their clip with himself in the account of Instagram. Video: SGK to Share: 18 Skibidi of video parody of SGK Siberian Power and housing and public utilities generation company