Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The Kuzbass recidivist has got at the time of night theft in shop

At night on the panel of private security in Yashkin the alarm signal has arrived: the alarm system in grocery store on Osennyaya Street has worked. The guardsmen who have arrived to shop have found the broken door of an emergency exit, and have indoors detained previously convicted for thefts and drug trafficking of the 38-year-old local. The malefactor has unbent a metal door of an emergency exit the himself brought with itself, has broken the alarm system and the surveillance camera then has begun to fill a box with money from cash desk and goods. Law enforcement officers have caused on the scene investigative and quick group to which have transferred the detainee, have reported in Rosgvardiya's press service. Photo: Google.Images to Share: money Kuzbass scrap shop recidivist Yashkino