Date: 6 months ago   Category: Sport

"The Kuznetsk bears" have beaten Novosibirsk "Snipers"

Novokuznetsk hockey players managed to beat "Snipers" in Novosibirsk in the main time. On November 1 in Novosibirsk the match between Novokuznetsk ice-hockey team "The Kuznetsk bears" and owners of the ice arena "The Siberian snipers" was held. The Kuzbass hockey players managed to beat "Snipers" in the main time. – Everything has turned out due to devotion. All fought, everyone worked for itself(himself) and for that guy. An ending have stood, children good fellows, – the head coach of the Kuznetsk Bears team Alexander Kitov has commented on a game result. Pucks were thrown by Dmitry Levashov and Yury Muravyev. Residents of Novokuznetsk became the first in MHL season who managed to beat in Novosibirsk "The Siberian snipers" – 2:1 in favor of "Bears". "Bears" will play the next match on the arena of "the Kuznetsk Metallurgists" on November 7. Tolpar from Ufa will be a rival, tells "Kuzpress". Photo: Google.Images to Share: game Kuzbass Kuznetsk bears Novokuznetsk Siberian snipers account hockey