Date: 8 months ago   Category: Economy

The list of debtors among housing and communal services of Novokuznetsk became known

Vodokanal posted on the website the complete list of debtors among municipal services of Novokuznetsk. 69 management companies and condominium as of the end of summer were included in the list of defaulters. So, the largest debtor is UK "DSK-Service" – they owe the organization for water supply 8,7 million rubles. On the second place on the sum of debt it was LLC 24-y kvartal – 8,1 million rubles. The three of "leaders" MT closes "Housing facilities" – 8 million rubles of a debt. The complete list of debtors is given below. Photo: VSE42.Ru, Vodokanal to Share: water utility debt Novokuznetsk list management company