Date: 5 months ago   Category: Society

The little Muscovite terrorized schoolmates by means of the vibrator

Scandal has run high at the Moscow school because of the first grader who carried four days with herself on lessons the vibrator and attacked with him other pupils. An incident has occurred in October in the Moscow settlement East, reports 360 TV channel. The schoolgirl of the first class has brought the vibrator in school. The girl has told schoolmates as the device is used, and has threatened to test it on other schoolgirls. The schoolgirl pursued girls and tried to thrust a toy for adults into genitals of children. One of schoolgirls has complained to parents, and those have told other families. The administration of educational institution has ignored a situation. It is noted that the girl already attacked earlier schoolmates. She "touched them for intimate places" under the threat of a beating. No measures have been taken in respect of family of the schoolgirl. Photo: Google Images Share: vibrator East girl Moscow threat attack school