Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The little resident of Novokuznetsk hasn't come back home from Anapa because of burns

The five-year-old boy hasn't reached from Anapa to Novokuznetsk – in the train he has got serious burns. An incident has occurred on Friday, August 24, in the train Anapa-Novokuznetsk. During a stop at the station Samara the grandmother of the child has poured to herself in a mug boiled water. When she has distracted, her five-year-old grandson has dropped a mug with contents on himself. As a result the child has got burns of a stomach and right hand, Volga tells "A news". He was removed from the train and brought to burn office of the Samara hospital of Pirogov. Representatives of the company carrier have reminded passengers of need to watch closely children during the trips and to protect them from any dangerous situations. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Anapa Novokuznetsk boiled water burn train child