Date: 6 months ago   Category: Culture

The main character of series of Netflix was taken for Alla Pugacheva

The Netflix company will shortly release new series under the name Russian Doll ("Nested doll"). After the company published a tape trailer, many users noticed that the main character is very similar to Alla Pugacheva. Did you get the news? We're about to die. From @nlyonne, Amy Poehler, and @LeslyeHeadland, #RussianDoll arrives February 1st. — Russian Doll (@RussianDoll) on January 9, 2019. As promises Netflix, the audience will see history of the red-haired girl which constantly gets to accidents with a lethal outcome. After a while the heroine wakes up again in previous day. The American users paid attention that the plot is similar to the pictures "Groundhog Day" and "Happy day of death". In turn the Russian-speaking audience says not about history, and about how the actress Natasha Lionn is similar to the prima donna. – Oops, on Netfliksa will show "Groundhog Day" about Pugacheva, – one of commentators joked. The official release of series is planned for February 1. Video: Twitter to Share: Netflix of video nested doll Pugacheva series