Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

The Maykop student out of pity to a kitten has satisfied a huge debt of a shelter

The student from Adygea has paid a debt of a shelter for animals to veterinarians of 340 thousand rubles. On a noble act the girl was pushed by the kitten found on the street. Volunteers who were helped by the student have reported the matter to social networks. They have told that a few days ago the girl has come to a shelter with a request to take away a kitten who roamed about streets. They had to refuse as at that moment on care already were near the centurion of dogs and cats, besides at a shelter a large debt to vetkliniky was had. Then the girl has resolved that she will help. She has paid all debt of 340 thousand rubles, having wished to remain anonymous at the same time. – There is no debt, we can help animals again. Thanks a lot from all tails of Maykop and from all of us, – representatives of community on rescue of animals have written. The kitten who after such act nevertheless is had been decided to be sheltered was called Gold. Volunteers have explained that if not he, the similar miracle could not occur. Photo: social networks to Share: Adygea volunteers debt kitten Maykop shelter student