Date: 8 months ago   Category: Politics

The mayor of New York has promised Americans to collect all underpaid taxes from Trump

‍Мэр New York Bill de Blasio has promised that he will be able to collect all taxes which that, by means of frauds, hasn't paid from the head of the White House. The New York Times has published material in which it was said that Trump has received 413 million dollars from the father, having evaded paying taxes. The mayor of New York has decided to speak on this subject. He has said that the president is expected by "serious sanctions" for it, both from all State of New York, and from the city. – New York intends to compensate any sum which Donald Trump has owed to residents. Point, – de Blasio has reported. The politician has also emphasized that though frauds were in the 90th, in this case to consider a limitation period there is no sense, has reported to Fox News. Photo: Google.Images to Share: mayor taxes New York sanctions Trump