Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The meeting of fans of a fantasy has taken place in Kemerovo

On September 23 in the regional center there has taken place the meeting of fans of a fantasy and fantasy. Participants at the event have discussed both modern, and classical literature. The meeting has taken place in the literary hall of GUK "The Kemerovo Regional Library for Children and Youth". Fans of a fantasy have talked about artists-fantasts Jonah Pikasio, Boba Eggltona and many others and also have shared impressions about recently read fantastic works and have listened to songs by the Kemerovo performer of ALXCH. Organizers have noted that a main goal of club of fans of a fantasy is studying and promoting of works of domestic and foreign science fiction writers and all fantastic art. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Meeting of Kemerovo fantasy