Date: 7 months ago   Category: Economy

The Ministry of Finance has supported increase in penalties for driving without CMTPL

The Ministry of Finance has supported the initiative according to which the penalty for driving without CMTPL will be raised. Despite it, the deputy head of department Alexey Moiseyev has noted that this subject will be discussed still in addition. Moiseyev has noted that existence of comparability between penalties and an economic component, that is benefit which will be received by the person is important. He has also stated the position about the fact that the people going without policy of the CMTPL are dangerous to people around. He has come to such conclusion because the motorists having an insurance won't be able to indemnify loss in case of road accident. – On the other hand, insurers say all the time: "Raise penalties". And we say to them: "At first deal with quality of repair, and then it is possible to consider increase in penalties", – he has added. As report to RIA Novosti, the Deputy Minister of Finance considers that cars without policy of the CMTPL need to be captured with the camera. However it is necessary to solve how to inflict penalties on the driver: for each hit on the camera or time a day. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Ministry of Finance of the CMTPL Russia insurance