Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The monk has to death killed the child for the broken prayer

The monk Supachai Sutiano in Thailand has to death beaten by a stick of the young novice. Nine-year-old Vattanapol Sizavad has drawn rage of the mentor the fact that has broken a collective prayer. As reports Daily Mail, an incident has occurred in the Buddhist monastery Kanchanaburi. The child has begun to distract other novices and also behaved is rather noisy. His behavior didn't remain unnoticed. Enraged the monk I have taken a bamboo stick and I have begun to beat with it the kid, at the same time having hit him with the head in a column. After a beating the boy has felled into a coma, and several days later has died in local hospital. The monk was arrested. In the nearest future will bring him charge of murder. It is noted that it is not the first case in the monastery. Earlier Supachai Sutiano already beat the boy for bad behavior. Mother of the child knew about a beating, however hasn't influenced a situation in any way. After the death of the son the woman has said that she will never forgive the murderer. Photo: Daily Mail to Share: children beating Thailand photo