Date: 9 months ago   Category: Economy

The Moscow company has made the claim to "Northern Kuzbass" for 4,1 billion rubles

The statement of claim to the Kuzbass coal company is directed to court. Muscovites intend to receive at colleagues from the Kemerovo region several billions. The Fipron company from Moscow has addressed to arbitration with the claim to JSC Northern Kuzbass Coal Company and LLC National Fuel Company, intending to seize 4,1 billion rubles. Consideration of the application is planned for November 1, Kommersant tells. What has served as the reason of judicial proceedings, isn't reported. "Northern Kuzbass" extracts coal on licensed blocks "Half of the Berezovskaya mine" within the Birch and Biryulinsky field and "Half of the May Day mine" in a northern part of the Biryulinsky field. Last year revenue of UK has made 7,4 billion rubles at the net profit of 726,8 million rubles. Kuzbass holding лимитед" (98,64%), and National Fuel Company – Fiprona (37,5%) and to Dmitry Alekseev (62,5%) belongs ". Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: claim Kemerovo region Moscow Northern Kuzbass coal company фипрон